Deep-Dive Retreats

Executive Wisdom Quest (Individual or Group)

The Executive Wisdom Quest™ is a unique and proprietary process for executives (individual or group/team) ready for a big experience of transformation. It is a 3-day coaching immersion, including a one-day wilderness “vision quest.”

Full description of the Executive Wisdom Quest

Executive Leadership Retreat (Individual or Team)

For the individual executive, a one- or two-day custom-designed retreat, to:

  • Assess gaps between leadership demands and current state of impact and fulfillment.
  • Remove barriers to operating at full potential.
  • Recalibrate inner operating system to deliver on refined and renewed leadership vision.
  • Move from balancing work and personal life to creating a state of integration.

For the executive leadership team, custom-designed to:

  • Refine team purpose, vision and strategy
  • Build collaboration and mutual accountability
  • Resolve dysfunctional team dynamics

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Executive Forum Retreat

A retreat for an Executive Forum such as EO, YPO, and Vistage,

Two formats:

  • Executive Wisdom Quest, organized for a group experience (see above).
  • Custom-designed retreat

For Forums who:

  • Are eager to jump to a new level of courage, openness and support with and for one another.
  • Can facilitate themselves, but recognize that they “don’t know what they don’t know,” and see the value of investing in an outside perspective and process to help them accelerate individual and collective transformation.
  • Want to challenge themselves and each other to make the paradigm shifts, and the jump in impact and fulfillment, that comes with transformational leadership.
  • Are ready for a structure, and a language, that will enhance their ability to activate a deeper level of wisdom in themselves and each other for years to come.

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