Training in the Wisdom Disciplines will take you into a deep personal exploration of conscious leadership.

You’ll find yourself immersed in a matrix of time-honored wisdom traditions and advanced leadership practices, and buoyed by a community of professionals excited by and dedicated to the possibilities of putting wisdom at the center of leadership.

Here's what we promise you will get:

  • A new internal operating system for leaders. A holistic, comprehensive, and non-woo-woo system for activating wisdom, and guiding conscious leadership.
  • An expansion of how deep and far you can take leaders in their transformation and impact in the world.
  • Powerful pathways to help leaders shift more quickly from unconscious reactive behaviors to operating with awareness and intentionality.
  • A bridge linking and integrating archetypal psychology, ancient wisdom traditions, and cutting edge leadership theory and practice.
  • Learning, connection, and community with other advanced leadership development professionals.




“Both Sam and Burke have dedicated themselves to bringing ancient wisdom to today’s leadership challenges and I am excited for anyone who chooses to take this journey with them. You will be changed!”

John Vercelli

VP, Strategy and Innovation, Coaches Training Institute

“I have been committed to being on the cutting edge of conscious leadership. The Wisdom Disciplines process straddles business and deep soul work with ease, grace, and integrity.”

Anne-Marie Marron

MBA, PCC, Business Consultant

“The Wisdom Disciplines are the real deal. I’m amazed at how far this coaching process took me in a very short time.”

Mark Gerzon

President of The Mediators Foundation and
Author of Leading through Conflict

“This is the complete package in executive coaching—addressing the mental, emotional, spiritual, and practical in a way that is both rare and powerful.”

Craig Ross

CEO of Verus Global, and author of Degrees of Strength

    A gut-check—does this describe you?

  • One of your highest personal motivations for doing what you do is to make a positive difference in the world through the leaders you develop.
  • You work with leaders who are hungry and ready to be challenged on a deeper level; and you are seeking new ways to strengthen your transformational work with them.
  • You are excited to be on the avant-garde of leadership development, and you stretch yourself to be there.
  • You long for, and get charged up by, powerful learning experiences with other advanced coaches and leaders.

Two Opportunities in 2015

Toronto, Canada

May 19-21, 2015

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San Francisco, CA

August 4-6, 2015

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About Burke and Sam

Burke Miller and Sam House have been coaching leaders at a very high level for a combined 35+ years. They are passionate students of leadership and life, and master teachers and facilitators.
Burke developed the Wisdom Disciplines framework, built on 20 years of coaching and training leaders in 10 countries on 5 continents. He has a broad background, including training in the co-active models of coaching and leadership; coaching intimate relationships and executive teams; working extensively with the Leadership Circle Profile; a masters degree in environmental philosophy and ecopsychology; intensive study of Native American wisdom; and 20 years experience guiding wilderness vision quests.
Sam is a Master Certified Coach; senior faculty member of the Coaches Training Institute—developing leaders, training coaches and developing co-active™ curriculum worldwide for 16 years; has taught leadership to high-level executives on five continents; worked as a psychotherapist for many years; is certified in the Leadership Circle Profile and Team Diagnostic Assessment; and has extensively studied and taught earth-based wisdom traditions.