Sandra Visser


Sandra VisserSandra Visser is a transformation catalyst for leaders and leadership teams. She is masterful at creating intentional team environments where individual contributions, and collective results, are fully optimized, not compromised.

Sandra’s coaching and teaching style is perceptive, intuitive, engaging and focused on the practical. She is an enthusiastic champion of team success and especially loves partnering with mission-driven organizations whose goals are intended to positively impact their employees, clients and the world.

Born and educated in Europe, Sandra has been an executive coach and experiential trainer for 15 years. Her clients include leaders and leadership teams in both for-profit and non-profit organizations in Europe, Asia and the USA. Clients include Prudential, the BBC, Leo Burnett Advertising, Publicis, Passageworks and Clinica Community Healthcare.

Sandra holds degrees in Business Administration (BA) and Psycho-Spiritual Psychology (MA). She is an ICF accredited Professional Certified Coach, a CTI Coach and an AEC Certified Executive Coach. Her toolbox is extensive, including NLP, Myers Briggs, Time to Think, Co-active Coaching, Leadership Circle Profile an Systems Coaching.

Beyond her work with leaders and teams, Sandra fans the flames of individual purpose, passion, and brilliance, helping change-makers of all kinds to unleash their ‘Medicine’ – the contribution they are uniquely designed to make in the world. For more information, see