Client Testimonials

Mark Gerzon
Mark GerzonPresident, Mediators Foundation
Author, Leading through Conflict and Global Citizens
“As an author of books on leadership, and having guided high-level leaders for many years myself, I have seen many approaches in the field. Burke’s method and expert coaching is the real deal, embodying genuine, hard-earned wisdom. His gentle but firm and clear guidance helped me access my own inner wisdom and uncover insights that I could not access alone. I’m amazed at how far his coaching took me in a very short time. I would recommend him to any leader who is truly ready for a breakthrough, and who wants a meaningful return on their investment.”
Elissa Buie
Elissa BuieCFP, CEO, YeskeBuie
“Months after my retreat experience with Burke, in all kinds of situations, I am remaining calm in a way that I never thought possible. I am more intentional about everything, which has brought a focused ease to my life, and made a big difference in how I lead the business. I am more grounded and present when problems arise. The in-depth concentrated coaching experience helped me leave behind some behaviors that were quite old and persistent. It has freed me up to pay attention to the things that really matter.”
Scott Foreman
Scott ForemanCEO, Publicis Seattle
“Burke has been instrumental in helping me build a powerful leadership culture at our agency. My team is more motivated than ever to be better, and Burke’s insights and direction has paid big dividends across the agency in all areas of the business. I highly recommend Burke if you really want to invest in your core team and make them great.”
Craig Ross
Craig RossCEO, Verus Global
Co-author, Stomp the Elephant in the Office
and Degrees of Strength
“Burke brings the complete package to executive coaching—he addresses the mental, emotional, spiritual and practical in a way that is both rare and powerful. At major choice points in my life and business, I have taken time out to put myself in his very capable hands. Each time, he has helped me see what was in my blind spot, and what needed to shift for me to step up to my A+ game. In my most recent one-one retreat with Burke, I made two huge mindset shifts that I know will take the lid off my company’s growth, and help us deliver on our mission at an even higher level. I’m forever grateful.”
Dave Yeske
Dave YeskeCFP, PHD Managing Director, YeskeBuie
“Even though I’ve been very successful in my business for many years, and quite purpose-driven, I had a feeling the Executive Wisdom Quest would help me gear up to play an even bigger game. I was not disappointed. Being an educator myself, in the financial realm, I have high standards. This process was seamless, deep while safe, and exceeded my hopes. I will never forget the events of my solo in the mountains. That experience will forever guide me, and inspire me. The Wisdom Quest is an extraordinary process, and Burke a deeply skillful mentor.”
Gino Wickman
Gino WickmanFounder and CEO, EOS Worldwide
Author, Traction and Get a Grip
“Burke Miller is one of a kind. Experiencing his intensive coaching process was truly life changing. I believe that knowing thyself is vital in a person becoming their best. I have never experienced a more effective way to do just that. A million thanks.”
Anne-Marie Marron
Anne-Marie MarronMBA, PCC, CMT Business Consultant
“As an executive in both the corporate and non-profit worlds, and now as a consultant, I have been committed to being on the cutting edge of conscious leadership. Burke’s masterful coaching has helped me to take that to another level. Burke has a unique blend of both powerful business wisdom and the gifts of a true ‘Elder’ in the realm of inner work. His incisive witnessing helped me to see what I have been unable to see to move beyond what has limited me. It’s unusual to meet someone who can navigate business and deep soul work with such ease, grace and integrity. The insights from this experience will keep creating value for me and my clients for months and years to come.”
Stephen Lowisz
Stephen LowiszCEO, Qualigence International
“The Executive Wisdom journey changed my life, and that change is being felt by my family, friends, and entire company. Although I was very successful from a business standpoint, I realized the true potential and real purpose in my life – an area I was limited in through my own set of beliefs. Between the thoughtful and very personal process that Burke has created, and the opportunity for guided self-reflection and introspection, I was able to understand what was at the core of my being and what God had in store for me as a leader. While the three days with Burke were not always comfortable, I look back on them as the three most influencing days of my life. This was an absolutely worthwhile investment in myself as a person, leader, father, husband, and friend.”
Jeff Wayne
Jeff WaynePresident, Dynamic Rehabilitation
“My retreat experience was priceless. I got profound insights from Burke’s personal mentoring and my own deep reflections. Entering the second half of my life, I needed a clear vision, not just of where I am headed, but the kind of person and leader I am becoming. I now have powerful and very personal images and metaphors that I use every day to free myself from the stuff that was in the way of being a better man, more prominent humanitarian, and devoted father and friend. I have big challenges ahead, but I now have greater mental and spiritual strength to meet them.”
Dale Johnson
Dale JohnsonHead of School, The Field School
“Working with Burke is incredibly helpful. He uses his extraordinary listening ability to synthesize what I’m saying and feed it back to me in ways that help me see themes and get actionable insights. The Leadership Circle 360 coaching has been a real gift. It provided crucial feedback that increased my confidence in my strengths and helped me more effectively address the areas I need to grow in. While it could have been intimidating, I found it to be actually quite liberating.”
Shannon McGuire
Shannon McGuireCEO, Relationship Mapping, Inc.
“I found my coaching with Burke to be a truly exceptional experience. The Wisdom Disciplines are time-tested, and the content and flow of the retreat was exquisite. I have made it a priority to invest in my personal development and I feel that Burke’s work is one of the most valuable things I’ve done. The power of this experience continues to unfold as the weeks go by – improving my sense of life balance, sharpening my focus, and deepening my purpose and impact as a leader. I can’t recommend it enough.”