I was talking with a client who is facing a difficult business challenge, and she said, “I’m excited because I’m going to have to grow in order to step up.” I share this because not everyone faces their challenges with this kind of enthusiasm. Often, it’s with dread, or at best annoyance. But what if we saw our inevitable potholes in the road as invitations? Invitations from life to learn and grow.

I recall another client, looking at a year ahead that held fewer contracts and significantly reduced revenue. Over a few conversations, I heard him dip into both confusion and despair. But instead of spiraling further down, he chose something else. He chose to spend his freed-up time developing a particular talent as a new revenue generator. He chose to grow in answer to life’s invitation, and is now using that growth to attract and serve clients in new ways.

Challenges can be painful, and sometimes bring us to our knees. We’ve all been there. Perhaps there’s a challenge you’re facing. How might it be an invitation to learn and grow? And how will you respond?