At this time of year, I often run into one of my pet peeves. Have you noticed the word “x-mas?” The little convention that literally takes Christ out of Christmas. I’ve asked myself why this irks me. And I think it’s because something essential, something sacred, gets lost.

When it comes to the sacred, I think we’ve become shy. We tend to keep it at the edges of our lives. We talk about “sacred cows” as what is not on the table for discussion. We tend to think of the sacred as what needs to be kept private and protected.

But consider bringing the sacred front and center. Rather than keeping it off the table, we could make the sacred what MUST be discussed, or what must be honored, in order to make life and business vital. I wonder what would happen if we thought of our company’s core values as sacred. Or we discussed our ‘sacred mission’ as a team. Or we claimed our talents and strengths as sacred gifts. I think it’s possible we’d be even more invested, even more focused on what really matters.

What is sacred to you? What is most valuable, most essential; what makes your life meaningful and rich; what must be front and center? Is it optimism? Love? Excellence? Family?

Like keeping Christ in Christmas, how will you make sure what’s most important doesn’t get lost? How will you reclaim the sacred?