Welcome to Executive Wisdom Insights.

In these weekly posts, I have two intentions: One is to break with conventional thinking as much as possible. Two is to offer practical ways to have a more powerful impact in your business, and the relationships you care about.

Executive Wisdom is about power. Not control. But power—personal power.

How we use our power is a choice. With so much happening in the world that needs our attention, how can we be more focused and intentional with the power we have to make a difference? What’s more, how do we empower ourselves inside of circumstances we don’t control?

One place to start is with a question I ask myself often: “What would be life-affirming?” What will bring more color, more adventure, more aliveness, more respect, into whatever I’m doing? Versus, what is numbing, deadening, or destructive? I listen to what my heart and mind tell me is life-affirming, and do my best to follow it.

What will you do, or say, that is life-affirming this week?