Executive Wisdom Quest

A three-day immersion for the adventurous executive, including a one-day wilderness "vision quest." Dramatically accelerates your leadership impact from the inside out. Clear, actionable insight into your thorniest questions and challenges.

Executive Forums

The Quantum Leap—a one-year process for Executive Forums such as EO, YPO, and Vistage. Provides a rigorous agenda and framework to launch a new era for the Forum. Accelerates individual and collective transformation, and ability to champion one another over time.

Executive Leadership Teams

An investment in your executive team as the catalyst for engagement, excellence, and innovation—woven through the fabric of your organization. Tap into both individual talent and team-generated wisdom, ensuring execution on vision, strategy, and brand.

Awareness, Focus, and Impact

As an executive, you’re always having an impact. Sometimes huge. The question is how aware and focused you are with it.

Executive Wisdom increases your ability to do the right things at the right times to have maximum-value impact. It paves the way to modeling, versus undermining, your brand, strategy, and the performance you want to see around you. Our strong suit is making your leadership presence as compelling as possible, so you consistently have the impact you want.

Start using the Wisdom Disciplines (PDF 7mb).


"Months after the Executive Wisdom Quest, I have become more intentional about everything, bringing a focused ease to how I am with my team and my clients. I have left behind some behaviors that were quite old and persistent, freeing me up to pay attention to what really matters."
-Elissa Buie, CFP, CEO, Yeske Buie

"Through the executive wisdom process I’ve had a remarkable internal shift that family, friends, and my entire organization have noticed. I’m more calm and present, responding instead of reacting. Unlike superficial change that you have to constantly work at to maintain, this is now who I am."
–Steve Lowisz, CEO, Qualigence International